a neo-event

conceived and directed by
Marisela La GRAVE

soundtrack compiled by
& Miguel MACIAS

recorded & live music by
Patrick GRANT

December 5, 6 & 7, 2002
Essex Street at Rivington
10 PM - Tickets $10
Bacardi cocktails will be served

in collaboration with

Cedric ANDRIEUX Jonah BOKAER Ashley CHEN Ivana CATANESE Rebecca CLEMAN Alejandra De LA PENA Meredith DRUM Sabrina ESBITT Valerie FILPVNA Cristian GLAS Patrick GRANT Makram HAMDAN Mary JAEGER John J. A. JANNONE Eliza LAAD Aquiles LA GRAVE Miguel MACIAS Matthew MOHR Luciano PATINO Maria PESSINO Daniel ROBERTS Jacques REYNAUD Ines SOMELLERA Carlos SOTO Kameron STEELE Karl B. STEWART Eduardo SUBIRATS Glen & Lynze SZABO Cheryl THERRIEN Liv TORGENSEN Christian WASSMANN

SX STREET is a performance with dancers, actors, composers, writers, performers, sound, radio, video, set and costume design all in collaboration with international artists who credits range from the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, the works of theatrical visionary Robert Wilson, the NY scenes of new music and the visual arts, to numerous arts centers worldwide. Conceived and directed by Marisela La Grave, this event introduces an experiment with perception of mediums and the life of the street itself.

he performance will take place outside at the intersection of Essex and Rivington Streets (two blocks south of Houston) on New York City's Lower East Side. The primary vantage point will be from the second floor windows of Magnetic Laboratorium. However, some viewers may wish to watch from the street and be closer to the action as that the piece will rigorously follow the second-by-second timing of a kaleidoscopic soundtrack compiled and created by John J. A. Jannone and Miguel Macias. This soundtrack will be played over a sound system in the lab as well as be broadcast on a short-range FM radio frequency, which the performers will listen to over the earphones of a Walkman radio (and any audience member who brings one). Interweaving throughout this recorded soundtrack will be a layer of live music by composer/keyboardist Patrick Grant.